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1n(tr0)verted Data: Ecologies and Economies of Google Search

AG Ridgway

Instead of Google gathering data on users, „1n(tr0)verted Data: Ecologies and Economies of Google Search“ will ‚invert‘ search technologies by collecting data on Google Search. The workshop intends to illuminate parts of the black box by creating data visualisations that re-imagine and re-engineer the hidden infrastructures of search, thereby facilitating a more human-centred understanding of Google’s operations. This legislative, financial, conceptual and visual ‚tracerouting‘ will investigate search ecologies and how search data is recombined, repurposed and recycled for other applications than for which it was originally gathered (mission creep). Data visualisations and a website will serve as documentation for researchers, developers and end users – the general public.

Main Research Topics

  • Data
  • Search Data
  • Visualisation


In June 2020 there will be an exhibition of data visualisations as physical prints and a symposium at ArtEZ, University of Arts in Arnhem, NL. The one-day symposium will address digital cultures and in particular „1n(tr0)verted Data: Ecologies and Economies of Google Search“, with contributions by media, critical engineering and technology scholars, along with Vladan Joler and Renée Ridgway. In the lead-up to the symposium there will be a reading group with students, organized and led by Renée Ridgway. This project is made possible with financial support from the Creative Industries Fund, NL.


Renée Ridgway
Copenhagen Business School, Research Affiliate Leuphana University


Vladan Joler

Wolfie Christl

Michael Christen
YaCy & SUSI.ai