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PhDnet@CAIS. Design Thinking

PhDnet Agile Methoden

The innovation method Design Thinking, as established by the Hasso Plattner Institute and consulting agencies like IDEO and others, is increasingly applied in various business settings. Why not as well in academia?

For scientists in digitization research, design thinking can support both as a structural approach at the beginning of research work as well as an inspiring mindset to tackle challenges with new perspectives. Adapting Design Thinking methods for scientific contexts also offers rich impulses for agile work and efficient evaluation possibilities of any phase in your process. In the workshop you will learn to use natural moments of uncertainty productively and creatively to your advantage.

We will start the workshop with a short overview of the different phases of the Design Thinking process and a classification that shows us that the method does not necessarily focus on thinking and has little to do with what we understand as design.

In short, practical work units, we experiment with the interdisciplinary application of the different phases in the group. In doing so, we tap into design-oriented methods of research work, idea generation and problem definition, and learn how, among other things, to bring the various prototyping and testing methods into the scientific process.
Together, we locate design thinking within the big innovation buzzword cloud, while creating systemically meaningful and applicable connections to familiar work and research methods.

The workshop will take place digitally. The event language is English.

Maximum number of participants: 15

To register, please contact Dr. Nina Hahne.

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