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Unequal visibility in digital spaces

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The CAIS-funded research group “(In)Visibility in the Digital Age” is organising a digital workshop with international guests. The event will focus on the topic of “Unequal visibility in digital spaces”.
The first guest, Olivier Driessens (PhD), assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, takes a look at the relationship between the concepts of visibility and attention in his lecture. Joëlle Cruz (PhD), assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, will then speak on “(In)Visibility in alternative organizing from the perspective of postcolonial approaches”.
The following day, an interactive input entitled “Other sensing possibilities: Permeability, leaking” by Johanna Schaffer, Professor of Theory and Practice of Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, and the Berlin artists MELT(Isabel Paehr and Loren Britton) is expected. Respondents will be Dr Joan Ramon Rodríguez-Amat from Sheffield Hallam University and Dr Sarah Liu from the University of Edinburgh.

Hide and See(k) – Visibility in the Digital Age” research group

In times of digitalisation, visibility and invisibility are becoming important categories for describing and explaining communication, especially on the internet. The research group “Hide and See(k) – Visibility in the Digital Age”, founded in 2018 at CAIS, addresses the question: What is the significance of (in)visibility in the digital world, how does it arise and what consequences does it have for individual actors, organisations and socially relevant processes? It consists of researchers from German, Austrian, Swedish and Swiss universities, colleges and institutes who contribute expertise from central research fields of communication and media studies.

Members of the research group

  • PD Dr. Merja Mahrt Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Institute for Social Sciences
  • Dr. Helena Stehle University of Hohenheim, Institute for Communication Science
  • Dr Annekatrin Bock Leibniz Institute for International Textbook Research
  • Dr. Cornelia Brantner IWAF – Institute for Knowledge Communication and Applied Research GmbH
  • Dr. Hanne Detel University of Tübingen, Institute for Media Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Ines Engelmann Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Institute for Communication Science
  • Dr. Imke Hoppe University of Hamburg
  • Dr. Christine Linke University of Rostock, Institute for Media Research
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Lobinger USI – Università della Svizzera italiana, Institute for Communication Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Metag University of Fribourg/Université de Fribourg, Department of Communication Science and Media Research
  • Substitute Prof. Dr. Anne Schulze Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Department of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Nina Springer Södertörn University, Stockholm (Sweden), School of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Claudia Wilhelm University of Erfurt, Department of Media and Communication Studies

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