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Workshop Agile methods: Scrum in science = better research?

PhDnet Agile Methoden (2)
Workshop Agile Methods

PhDnet@CAIS. Scrum in science = better research?

Our environment is developing rapidly on many levels. Here, rapid adaptation and multi-perspective work is a decisive factor for success in order to be able to survive in a complex and open-ended problem situation. In business, so-called agile work processes such as Scrum, Design Thinking and Kanban have long been established for this purpose. I would like to clarify this together with you,

  • what is happening to our future,
  • what challenges this poses for us,
  • how we can perhaps work better.

At the end, you will be equipped with an agile way of working (Scrum) to hopefully make the future of your science a little better and more flexible – or simply to work on your projects in a more structured and networked way. Maybe you will wish for the good old days to return, who knows. In any case, I look forward to seeing you.

Contact Julian Panze: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julian-panze1985/ or jjpanze@gmail.com

The workshop will take place online. Registrations to: phdnet@cais-research.de

In the Agile Methods series, innovative working methods and forms of presentation can be learned and tried out, which can be applied in the areas of project management or science communication, for example.

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