Understanding Citizenship in the Networked Era: Configurations, Complications, Contestations

CAIS + virtuell Universitätsstr. 104, Bochum

The digitally mediated reality offers a number of affordances to citizens for communication, self-expression, and exercising political and civic agency. ‘Doing’ citizenship in the digital age now encompasses various configurations of social media platforms, messaging services, data repositories, and other networked technologies, and ranges from e-voting and using digital IDs to online campaigning and neighbourhood […]

The wonderful life of Margot Heuman

Quartiershalle in der KoFabrik Stühmeyerstraße 33, Bochum

Film screening of the play The Wonderful Life of Margot Heuman, UK, 2021, by Anna Hájková and Erika E. Hughes. Original with German subtitles Panel discussion with Dr. Anna Hájková (University of Warwick) & Dr. Katja S. Baumgärtner (CAIS) The documentary play was created during the Corona Pandemic and is based on research by Anna […]