Dr. phil. Moritz Cordes

University Regensburg

Moritz Cordes

Speech Acts in Artificial Intelligence

One goal of strong artificial intelligence (AI) is to programme a computer that is indistinguishable (according to Alan Turing) from a human in its dialogue behaviour. It is in linguistic interaction that we decide whether we regard a device as intelligent. However, there is a deficit in research and society: rarely is a conception of speech acts seen as a decisive factor for “intelligence”. The research project wants to find out (i) which types of speech acts as well as (ii) which rules associated with them can serve as a basis for an intelligent dialogue system. The focus is on cognition-oriented speech acts: In order to gain and use cognition, we make assumptions, attract what is already known to be true; we assert, deny, doubt, define, abstain from judgement, infer, question, state, postulate and assume. Some of these speech acts are already well-regulated in formal logical frameworks. But how do we add to them and combine them in a coherent way? And what kind of intelligence then results?

Main areas of research

  • Speech act theory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Conceptualisation
  • Natural reasoning
  • Question Logic

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2003-2008: Studies of Philosophy, Mathematics and Pre- and Early History in Greifswald and Munich (LMU).
  • 2009: Doctoral preparatory stay at Stanford University.
  • 2015: Doctoral thesis on the concept of illusory problems (Greifswald).
  • 2017-2020: PostDoc research project on question logic.
  • 2008-2022: Research and teaching at the Universities of Greifswald (2008-2020) and Regensburg (2021-2022).

Publications and lectures


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F. Reinmuth & M. Cordes, A calculus of speech. A pragmatized calculus of natural reasoning along with metatheory. (2010; Version 2.0: 2011) Available online.

Dr. phil. Moritz Cordes

University Regensburg

Fellow at CAIS from October 2022 to March 2023