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Renan Gadoni Canaan, M. Sc.

University of Ottawa

Renan Canaan

Assessing the Impact of European Data Protection Regulations on the innovative performance of firms

In the last years, countries enacted data protection regulations to address privacy issues arising from the digital economy. The most prominent case is the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented in 2018.

Firms claim that more stringent data protection regulations will put them at a disadvantage compared to companies in countries with less strict policies. However, stricter regulation may create positive market signals for entrepreneurs. Therefore, the most appropriate level of stringency for data privacy policies is still contested.

Therefore, using advanced quantitative methods, namely multivariate regression and unsupervised neural networks, this research aims at shedding light on whether and how European data protection regulations have impacted innovativeness in firms. The two central research questions are “Does GDPR spur innovation?” and “Is GDPR driving innovation toward the achievement of its technical requirements”?

Main Research Topics

  • Technology and Information Policies
  • Law and Economics of Innovation
  • Data Governance
  • Digital Transformation
  • The Political Economy of Global Technology Policies

Curriculum Vitae

2021 – ongoing – Doctoral researcher, Centre for Law, Technology and Society (University of Ottawa), Canada

2022 – 2022 Researcher, Human-centered Cybersecurity Partnership (Université de Montréal), Canada

2020 – 2020 – Research Assistant, Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex), United Kingdom

2019 – 2019 – Research Assistant, Carleton University, Canada

Lectures and Publications

Report (to be published in October 2022): Azzoug, W.S., Canaan, R.G., Islam, K., Lakpini, C.S., Malone, M., Smalley, C., Woo, T., & Wood, D.M. Digital Twins: Cyber Security Prospects, Pitfalls & Recommendations. Montreal, Canada: Human-Centered Cybersecurity Partnership.

Peer-reviewed article: Canaan, R.G. (2021). Data cooperatives: applicability and property rights in Brazil. Brazilian Journal of  Law and New Technologies, 11. ISSN: 2596-0733.

Peer-reviewed article: Canaan, R.G., & Pimenta, M.S. (2021). Individual and Collective Behaviors during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil: Simulations on Economic Theoretical Models. Revista Multiface Online, 9:1, 79–92. DOI: 10.29327/223163.9.1-4. 

Renan Gadoni Canaan, M. Sc.

University of Ottawa

Fellow at CAIS from October to December 2022