Simon Rinas, M.A.

Simon Rinas

Patterns of Digital Sovereignty

The globalised and digitalised world is currently experiencing a technological decoupling of global production and supply chains. Triggered by the trade conflict between the US and China, Europe is once again in the situation of evaluating its own capabilities in the global tech ecosystem. After the Snowden revelations in 2013 and the emergence of digital data monopolies in the US and China, the notion of digital sovereignty is now dominating debates on Europe’s role in the internet age for the third time. The research project addresses Europe’s striving for digital sovereignty and examines exogenous and endogenous effects of European digital policy in this regard. The experience gained from the concept of data sovereignty, which is inherent in the GDPR, will form the basis for the investigation of digital sovereignty with regard to artificial intelligence. The results should show how digital sovereignty can be established without further segmenting the global internet.

Research focus

  • Digital sovereignty
  • EU Digital Policy
  • Artificial Intelligence

Curriculum Vitae

  • Head of the Berlin Policy Office of the company Ericsson
  • Substitute of the Junior Professorship for Internet and Politics, Foundation University Hildesheim
  • Associate doctoral student at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin
  • Doctoral student at the University of Duisburg-Essen on the topic of European telecommunications regulation in the Internet age

Lectures and publications

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  • Rinas, Simon (2016). Vernetzung als Kampf zwischen Kapitalismus und Postmoderne(Review of Clemens Apprich [2015], Vernetzt, transcript). In M&K Medien & Kommunikations-wissenschaft, Jg. 64, Heft 4, pp. 564 ff.
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Simon Rinas, M.A.

Fellow at CAIS from March until August 2020