Dr. Thomas Ramge


Porträt Thomas Ramge

AI vs. Covid?

Which measures help to combat Covid-19 and how? Policy-making in the Corona crisis in the first half of 2020 was characterised by an unusually high degree of statistical uncertainty and data poverty.

Many AI expertsand data scientists, meanwhile, are finding that their models and technologies are less useful than they would have expected and hoped for before the outbreak of a pandemic. An inadequate understanding of the spread and impact of the Covid 19 virus, a fragmented, often contradictory data picture seemed conceivably unsuitable in the first crest wave of the corona pandemic to make the methods of mass data analysis productive in a situation where data science would be more in demand than ever.

The project seeks answers to the question under which conditions AI systems and Big Data analyses would be particularly useful in a pandemic threat situation after a virus outbreak, and which stakeholders could contribute to creating the necessary data basis for this, and how.

Research focus

  • Policy-making and data science

Curriculum Vitae

  • Technology correspondent “brand eins
  • Freelance writer for “The Economist”, “Foreign Affairs”, “Harvard Business Review”
  • Author of non-fiction books
  • Research Fellow “Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society” (Feb. – July 2020)

Dr. Thomas Ramge


Fellow at CAIS from August until October 2020