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Podcast interview with Christoph Bieber

“Science and Research in the Digital Age”

What does it mean in concrete terms to digitise a society? Is it conceivable in Germany, for example, to hold a digital postal vote? What advantages and disadvantages does such a change offer? Or how can smart cities really be realised?

6. December 2021

These are the kinds of questions Prof. Dr. Christoph Bieber, research professor at CAIS in NRW, asks himself when he conducts digital research. It is not only, but also, among other things, about repositioning scientific work or investigating net-related phenomena such as hate speech, disinformation or fake news. A broad range of topics that we wanted to get to the bottom of in an intensive conversation with Christoph Bieber. We think we have succeeded quite well in looking at this topic from many facets and therefore recommend that you take a listen.

To the episode (release date: 20.12.2021)