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Artificial Intelligence in the class room?

Second research programme starts at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies

"Educational Technologies and Artificial Intelligence" is the title of the second research programme that will start in June 2022 at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) in Bochum.

24. June 2022

Nikol Rummel, Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, will lead the programme for the next five years. For her time at CAIS, she will be released by the Ruhr-Universität. Together with her team, Prof. Nikol Rummel will investigate different aspects of digitalisation in education.

How can digitalisation be used positively in the educational context? How can learners be supported by intelligent systems? The first focus of the new research programme “Educational Technologies and Artificial Intelligence” deals with questions of the design and technical implementation of digital learning environments.

The second research focus area focuses on teachers and thus on the challenges and opportunities of teaching in digital environments. How can teachers be supported by educational technologies in their educational work and learn themselves?

In addition, the research team is looking at the “Smart Classroom of the Future”. It is researching the dynamic interaction of learners, teachers and educational technologies for the optimal support of learning processes. The second research programme at CAIS is also committed to an open understanding of science and, from the beginning, also tests how research results can be practically implemented in teaching-learning contexts. “Our research benefits from close engagement with real teaching and learning situations. Together with educational stakeholders and learners, we can put our scientific results to the test directly in practice and in turn learn from them ourselves,” says Rummel.

All research programmes at CAIS emerge as a result of the “CAIS Research Incubator”. In a systematic process, the topics to be researched at CAIS were sought and found with the participation of numerous experts, but also people from the population.