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Workshop by Josephine B. Schmitt

“Trends & potentials of digital media from a scientific perspective”

On 04.04.2022, Josephine B. Schmitt will give a workshop on the opportunities and challenges of web videos and podcasts in civic education entitled "Trends & Potentials of Digital Media from an Academic Perspective" as part of the Media Workshop.

30. March 2022

Web video series, moderated commentary columns and podcasts – political education and prevention work has long since been done not only in educational settings, such as school lessons, but also in digital media, for example on platforms like YouTube. But can civic education succeed in digital media? Or is political education that takes its claim seriously not rather political education with digital media, i.e. still dependent on pedagogical face-to-face communications? The workshop aims to address these and related questions. In addition to a brief theoretical and empirical introduction to media-psychological and communication-scientific findings on the topic, the main focus will be on developing concrete strategies for dealing with the opportunities and challenges of digital media in prevention work and political education. In the course of this, the focus will be on the individual experiences of the participants.

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