Research incubator: process overview

The incubator uses a multi-stage process to identify CAIS research topics.
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In a structured process, we are sounding out potentially important topics for digitization research at CAIS. From these, the topics for the CAIS research programs will emerge starting in 2021.

Abbildung 1. Strukturierung der Themenfindungsphasen über den Double Diamond

The central objective of the CAIS Research Incubator for 2019 to 2021 was to develop and test processes to promote cross-divisional networking and interdisciplinary collaboration in an innovative framework for science and research. Also on the agenda: the systematic identification of relevant research topics for the CAIS research programs.

The CAIS topic identification process is characterized by a continuous alternation between collecting and condensing findings. We map this alternation by structuring it in four steps.

You can find the visualization of the whole topic finding process in this video.

First step:

Three building blocks to open up and develop the field


Second step:

Condensation and in an online survey with different stakeholders.


Third step:

Further differentiation of the results in topic sprints


Fourth step:

Condensing the results of the topic sprints into 13 fact sheets.

Abbildung 4. Eindruck der Fact Sheets
Abbildung 5. Co-kreatives Arbeiten mit den CAIS-Gremien zur weiteren Ausdifferenzierung der Forschungsfelder
Abbildung 6. Die verschiedenen Phasen des Themenfindungsprozesses und deren aufeinander aufbauenden Ergebnisse