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Attention & Technology: A Feminism Perspective

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The Internet’s attention economy requires the users to „pay“ with their attention for contents and services. It assumes that the users concentrate on an advertisement once it is displayed. But what if this model does not conform to practices of attention?

Mothers are known for splitting their attention between children and work, yet the notion of attention has not been much studied in feminist research. Moreover, splitting of attention is generally classified as distraction, and hence as a negative practice.

In the workshop we will explore how feminist studies can contribute to the research of attention, and how new concepts of attention can enrich feminist theories.


Prof.in Dr. Corinna Bath (TU Braunschweig)

Analyzing gender in AI and computing: Towards community-led, socially just and feminist design methods


Dr. Kathrin Müller
(CAIS Fellow)

(Un)Doing Gender, Doing Expert and the Usage of Digital Technologies and the Internet at Home


Thomas Nyckel
(CAIS Fellow)

›Attention‹ in Karen Barad’s Agential Realism and Diffractive Methodology


Dr. Galit Wellner
(CAIS Fellow)

Mothers vs. Pilots, or how gender shapes the views on multi-attention

To register, please contact kolloquim@cais.nrw. The workshop will take place digitally. The event language is English. Maximum number of participants: 15

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