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Workshop mit Katrin Weller

„Documenting Web Data for Social Research (#DocuWeb22)“

Zusammen mit Indira Sen und Leon Fröhling organisiert Katrin Weller einen Workshop auf der Web Science Conference 2022 in Barcelona am 26.06.2022 mit dem Titel „Documenting Web Data for Social Research“.

29. Juni 2022

This workshop attempts to collaboratively discover best practices and frequent pitfalls encountered when working with Web data. Participants will be presented with different perspectives on the significance of data quality in this specific context and familiarized with existing, structured approaches for the critical reflection on and documentation of data collection processes, before being invited to share their own experiences with the collection, use and documentation of Web data. We hope to thereby inspire participants to further integrate data documentation practices into their research processes, and for us to learn from the participants’ experiences to improve existing documentation frameworks for Web data.