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Vortrag von Susanne Hahn

„What does it mean to act rationally?“

Im Rahmen des LOGOS-Kolloquiums (Barcelona) am 12.12.2021 hält Susanne Hahn einen Online-Vortrag zum Thema „Rationality – An explicative perspective“.

28. Juni 2022

What does it mean to act rationally? Different answers are given to this question. In other words, the rationality speech is ambiguous. To deal with this situation, the method of explication or rational reconstruction (Rudolf Carnap) is brought into play. In the explicative procedure, an important step is the identification of the objectives involved in the use of rationality speech. The different objectives identified, together with an integration maxim, lead to the establishment of six types of rational action.

Zeit und Ort:

  • 12.12.2021, 15:00 Uhr (online)
  • http://www.ub.edu/grc_logos/