Gender-Just AI

AG Wellner

The project investigates the co-shaping of humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by exploring the feasibility of adding gender-justice as a value to AI algorithms. We plan to design a research proposal in which we will assess the possibility of ethically grounded operation of AI systems and their interactions with humans. Realizing that gender-justice is a complex and context-sensitive concept, the project rises to the challenge of translating this ethical value into technical features of AI systems.

Our second goal is to develop methodologies to implement values in AI algorithms via philosophical, empirical and technical expertise, taking into account various architectures and configurations of such systems. A third goal is related to the interaction with the users. It aims to draft guidelines for the development of conversational AI systems that can communicate with their users in an ethical way. A further possible development can be assessing whether such systems can influence the attitudes of the users towards gender justice. The contribution of our project will be twofold: how to define what it means for an AI system to be gender-just; and how robots and machine-learning systems can adopt societal values and norms. This contribution will be concretized into a research proposal to be submitted to a major research fund, like DFG or Horizon.


Dr. Galit Wellner
Tel Aviv University


  • Dr. Vivek Nallur
    School of Computer Science, University College Dublin
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Corinna Bath
    TU Braunschweig and Ostfalia University of Applied Science