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The Research Data & Methods team focuses on digital methods, research data, and open science.
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The Research Data & Methods team conducts interdisciplinary research on and with new types of data, such as digital traces from social media. With this expertise, the team creates consulting and training materials for researchers at CAIS on topics related to research methods, data, tools, and open science.

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Study planning, data collection and analysis, but also the publication of results and the archiving of research data – all this is part of the process of typical empirical research projects. In the Research Data & Methods team, various resources are collected and created to support researchers at CAIS in each of these steps. Based on the needs of the researchers, information on methods, data and tools is compiled, consultations are held and training sessions are organized. A particular focus is on study planning and data collection as well as the publication of results and data.

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The members of the Research Data & Methods team use combinations of different methods for their own research work and, in addition to traditional data (e.g., from surveys or interviews), also use new types of data, such as network or trace data from social media. The team also conducts research on meta-scientific topics, such as theories and methods for dealing with digital behavioral data, open science, and the specific motivations, practices, and needs of researchers in the context of digitization research.

“We see ourselves as a guide for researchers at CAIS to find insights into innovative data types, adapted methods, or tools for new research approaches.”

Dr. Katrin Weller
Team Leader Research Data & Methods

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Team RDM

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