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Boaz Miller

Inter‐Knowledge: Trust, Information, and Belief in a Digital Age

The project is developing a social epistemology of the Internet; namely, a theoretical framework for conceptualizing the relations between information technology, human knowledge, epistemic justification, and epistemic responsibility. The theoretical discussion will be embedded within an analysis of examples of knowledge generation, dissemination, and acquisition on the Internet. The examples include post-sharing on social media, search term autocompletion, and the creation and consumption of deepfake videos.

The project’s novel approach is to analyze the connections between material capacities inherent in the infrastructure of the Web itself and social practices such as commenting, rating, and searching. This project intervenes in both general and social epistemology, complicating extant accounts by explicitly examining technologies that enable people to gain information and make choices. The resulting situated understanding of our epistemic and ethical condition is sensitive to a network of factors, including values, capabilities, and material resources, allowing us to better integrate our understandings of knowledge and action.

Main Research Topics

  • Philosophy
  • Social epistemology
  • New media

Curriculum Vitae

Senior Lecturer, Department of Management Information Systems, Zefat Academic College

PhD, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto (2011)

Lectures and Publications

Selected Publications

Miller, Boaz and Meital Pinto. 2022. Epistemic Equality: Distributive Epistemic Justice in the Context of Justification. Forthcoming in Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal.

Miller, Boaz. 2021. When Is Scientific Dissent Epistemically Inappropriate? Philosophy of Science 88(5): 918-928.

Miller, Boaz. 2021. Is Technology Value Neutral? Science, Technology, & Human Values 46(1): 53-80.

Record, Isaac & Boaz Miller. 2018. Taking iPhone Seriously: Epistemic Technologies and the Extended Mind. In Extended Epistemology, edited by Duncan Pritchard, Andy Clark, Jesper Kallestrup, Orestis Palermos & J. Adam Carter, 105-226. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Miller, Boaz & Isaac Record. 2017. Responsible Epistemic Technologies: A Social-Epistemological Analysis of Autocompleted Web Search. New Media and Society 19(12) 1945-1963.

Miller, Boaz & Isaac Record. 2013. Justified Belief in a Digital Age: On the Epistemic Implications of Secret Internet Technologies. Episteme 10(2): 101-118.

Freiman, Ori & Boaz Miller. 2020. Can Artificial Entities Assert? The Oxford Handbook of Assertion, edited by Sanford C. Goldberg, 415-436. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Boaz Miller

Zefat Academic College

Fellow at CAIS from July 2022 to October 2022