Assistant Professor Dr. James Yeku

Universtiy of Kansas

James Yékú

What is African Digital Humanities?

My project interrogates the continued rise of African digital humanities as a sub-field of DH and explores the intersections of traditional humanistic inquiry in Africa and digital technologies and computational methods. African digital humanities affirms the ways in whcih the internet and computer software have become more central in the scholarly labors of African humanities scholars. Several scholars in the field are producing digital archives, developing tools and using software-based platforms to interpret historical data and linguistic corpus, whole others question the political dimensions of technological systems often Block-Boxed as neutral.

Main Research Topics

  • Digital humanities
  • African studies
  • Social media

Curriculum Vitae

  • Assistant Professor, African and African American Studies, University of Kanssas, 2019-present
  • Lectuerer, English. University of Saskatchewan, 2018.
  • Tutor, Use of English, University of Ibadan, 2010-2012

Lectures and Presentations

Future Presentations:
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Africa at Noon: Topic: TBD. wednesday, March 1, 2023
  • #IAS_North Western University, Qatar. Virtual Book Talk: “Cultural Netizenship” (November 2, 20:22).
  • Fellows Colloquium, Center for Advanced Internet Studies: “What is African Digital Humanities?” Universitätsstr. 104, Bochum, 44799 (October 12, 2022).
Future Publications:
  • Peer-reviewed Journal article: “African Digital Literatures and the Coloniality of Data.” Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry, 2022 (forthcoming).
  • Peer-reviewed Journal article:   “#MakeNigeriaGreatAgain: Donald Trump in Nollywood’s Social Media.“ The Black Scholar. (Accepted, 2023).

Assistant Professor Dr. James Yeku

Universtiy of Kansas

Fellow at CAIS from October to December 2022