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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karacuka

Ege University

Mehmet Karacuka

An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Digitalization on Social Capital

The Internet and the process of digitalization have been reshaping the norms and relationships among individuals, groups and society at large. The relationship between digital technologies and its effect on social capital therefore imposes an important area to investigate for social and individual welfare. The internet may transform social capital as it can shift social contact and civic involvement from local and group-based solidarities toward “spatially dispersed and sparsely knit interest-based social networks” as well as the internet may diminish social capital as it creates isolation and draws people away from family and friends.

In this project we aim to utilize probit models to investigate the relationship between the elements of social capital such as trust and civic participation and internet and computer usage. The results of this project are expected to contribute to the importance of social capital in the age of digitalization.

Main Research Topics

  • Political Economics
  • Regional Economics
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Competition and Welfare
  • Applied Econometrics

Curriculum Vitae

Lectures and Publications

  • Karacuka “ Refugees, Votes and Internet” Journal of Refugee Studies, Forthcoming.
  • Myovela G, Karacuka, M., Haucap, J. “ Digitalization and Economic Growth”, Telecommunications Policy, Forthcoming.
  • Çatik A.N., Karaçuka M., Gök B., „A Time Varying Parameter VAR Investigation of The Exchange Rate Pass Through in Turkey“, PANOECONOMICUS, vol.63, pp.563-579, 2016
  • Karaçuka M., Çatik A.N., Haucap J., „Consumer choice and local network effects in mobile telecommunications in Turkey“, TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, vol.37, pp.334-344, 2013
  • Çatik A.N., Karaçuka M., „The bank lending channel in Turkey: has it changed after the low-inflation regime?“, APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS, vol.19, pp.1237-1242, 2012

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karacuka

Ege University

Fellow am CAIS von September 2019 bis Februar 2020