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Prof. Dr. Hermann Rotermund

Formerly: Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln / latest: Leuphana-Universität Lüneburg

Hermann Rotermund

Broadcasting in the digital transformation

The aim of the project is to take stock of the current sociological, economic, legal and political transformation concepts for broadcasting in Germany.
The effects of media change on the conditions of existence of broadcasting (radio and television) will be examined. Technical development and global platforms are eroding the relevance of mass media. Answers to this must be developed in the political, constitutional and regulatory fields. In particular, the constitutional guiding ideas for broadcasting are based on historical media and social formations whose shape is changing dynamically. The project aims to identify the points of rupture at which new, sustainable regulatory strategies must start.
The organisation of broadcast media has so far been oriented towards the linear paradigm of programmes distributed according to a broadcasting scheme. The change in product structure with a prioritisation of on-demand content requires a fundamental change in the organisation of broadcasting companies. This will be analysed structurally and by means of case studies.
The framework guidelines for broadcasting operations and its supervision are not adequate for the new tasks and are also confusing and contradictory. Mark H. Moore’s public value concept with the dimensions of legitimacy, economic efficiency and acceptance is discussed as a possible new guiding principle for socially mandated media.
The results are to be published in book form.

Interim results will be prepared for follow-up research and made available on the website publicvalue.info.

Main research topics

  • Media change
  • Platform economy
  • Media regulation
  • Organisation of media companies
  • Public Value

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2017/18 CAIS Fellow: “Disruption in the media and by the media”
  • 2013-2016 Head of an EU research project (Primary Care 2.0) and substitute professor at Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • 2004-2013 Professor of Media Studies at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Cologne


  • Rotermund, H. (2018). Magic bullets, suggestive forces and fake news. Lecture at the Initiativkreis öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk, Cologne, 09.10.2018.
  • Rotermund, H. (2018). Serving the audience. New guiding ideas for broadcasting. In: epd-medien 27, 20.07.2018, 7-11. Also part of the programme Mehrspur by SWR2.
  • Rotermund, H. (2017). Learning from machines. On the Mechanical Notation of Charles Babbage. To be published in C. Engemann & A. Sudmann (eds.), Machine Learning – Media, Infrastructures and Technologies of Artificial Intelligence. Bielefeld: transcript.
  • Rotermund, H. (2017). Networked societies, digital media platforms and the future of Public Service Media. To appear in G. Lowe, H. Van den Bulck & K. Donders (eds.), Public Service Media in a Networked Society. Gothenburg: Nordicom Publishers.
  • Rotermund, H. (2017). Cloud TV is only half the transformation. Journal of Media Management andMedia Economics, 2, 5-6.
  • Rotermund, H. (2017). Transparency in German broadcasting councils. In O. Torun, C. Herzog, H. Hilker & L. Novy (Eds.), Transparenz und Finanzierungöffentlich-rechtlicher Medien / Transparency and Funding of Public Service Media. Berlin: Springer VS.

Prof. Dr. Hermann Rotermund

Formerly: Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln / latest: Leuphana-Universität Lüneburg

Fellow at CAIS from March until August 2019