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Reinhard Messerschmidt, M. A.

Scientific Officer Digitilization, WBGU

Reinhard Messerschmidt

Ethics of digitalisation

The topic of the project is moral challenges associated with the development of digitalisation and its effects. The problems under investigation relate to individually as well as socially significant areas such as privacy, access to information and knowledge or social inequality, which are fundamentally changing in the context of digitalisation.

The aim of the project is to map and, if possible, expand the current state of open questions; e.g.: Is there a moral right to be forgotten online and what should its scope be? What ethical problems arise in decision-making by algorithms? What political responsibility does the legislator have in regulating the internet?

Instead of merely evaluating technical innovations and their implementation retrospectively, the aim is to use considerations of technology ethics to discuss morally relevant options for shaping future developments.

Research focus

  • Discourse analysis
  • Foucault
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy
  • Demography

Curriculum Vitae

Reinhard Messerschmidt, M. A.

Scientific Officer Digitilization, WBGU

Fellow at CAIS from May until June 2017