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“Right to Healthcare in the Era of AI”

A guest lecture by Bart De Witte on “Right to Healthcare in the Era of AI” will take place at CAIS and virtually on the 2nd of March.

Bart De Witte (www.bartdewitte.com) is the founder of the Hippo AI Foundation (www.hippoai.org).

Hippo AI Foundation is an award-winning social startup that works towards democratizing medical AI based in Berlin. Hippo AI Foundation acts as a medical data donation trust that enable open medical data innovations owned and governed by the community. The foundation also works in the areas of policy and advocacy to conduct research and campaign for open AI and data governance policies that reduce global health inequalities.

Bio: Mr. De Witte is a corporate leader turned activist who has been working towards the mission to reclaim the right to universal healthcare in the era of AI. Before founding Hippo AI Foundation, he worked for 20 years with some of the largest technology companies as consultant, product manager, sales leader, in the digital healthcare divisions of SAP and IBM. He headed IBM’s digital health practice in different international capacities including head of digital health overseeing Europe’s business. He’s also a guest lecturer in some of the international universities and regularly invited to be a speaker by global healthcare organizations and national ministries. He also sits on advisory boards of hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Registration for the event are possible via e-mail: kolleg@cais-research.de

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