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User Study Workshop: AI-Assisted Peer-Reviewing

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User Study Workshop: AI-Assisted Peer-Reviewing

The workshop will be held in two 45-minute sessions, with a short break in between. You will be able to attend both in person at CAIS or online via Webex (aka hybrid). All attendants are asked to bring a laptop.

The workshop will start with a quick tutorial to the novel AI-powered software “PEER” for annotation-based peer reviewing that is developed by Gurevych and her team at the UKP lab at TU Darmstadt. After that, all attendants get the chance to try PEER first-hand in a simulated journal reviewing scenario of a short paper. In the end, attendants are asked for feedback to improve PEER. The anonymous usage data collected during the workshop, as well as the anonymous feedback, may be used in further research at the UKP lab. Participants may of course opt out at any time during the workshop, and their data will not be used.

The workshop is part of the research program of CAIS fellow Iryna Gurevych, which is concerned with developing AI-based assistance solutions for peer reviewing. The PEER software is developed in the ATHENE and PEER projects. The research was also introduced during her talk at the CAIS colloquium on the 1st of June.

If you have any questions, please contact the workshop coordinator Jan Buchmann.

We hope to see many of you at the workshop.

To participate online, please join us on Webex.
If you want to participate on site, please register at kolloquium@cais-research.de.

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