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Seminar by Jana Baum at the University of Leipzig

“Subjectivity and Digitality”

On 22 April, the seminar "Subjectivity and Digitality" by Jana Baum started at the University of Leipzig.

25. April 2022

This seminar is an attempt to apply Kant’s theoretical and practical philosophy to questions and phenomena of digitality. In addition to students of philosophy, students of digital humanities and (media) computer science also take part.

In the seminar, the participants deal with concepts such as intelligence, self-consciousness and self-determination in order to gain an understanding of the preconditions with which reasonable subjectivity is associated according to Kant.

In a second step, the findings on the subject are discussed in the context of current debates on digitality and artificial intelligence. How can we evaluate statements by researchers that the boundaries between subjects and objects are blurring in digital spheres such as the “Internet of Things”? What distinguishes self-referential algorithms from self-aware subjects? And what would it mean to recognise an artificial intelligence as a thinking subject?